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Design for an inexpensive, comfortable constriction device that fits around the base of the penis and can be quickly adjusted to proper tension and just as quickly released.
Does not pinch nor interfere with ejaculation even when drawn quite tight.
Materials (a plastic cord stopper & length of soft cloth ribbon or cord) cost less than $4 and device assembles easily in under 60 seconds.
Quick release constriction device made with soft flannel cord and cord stopper.
Cord stopper (photos are larger than actual size) locks cords in place (left), and releases cords when ends are pressed together (right hand photos)
Device tightened and locked (left) ; (right) pressing ends of cord stopper together to release, pulling in opposite directions on stopper and small loop at top to loosen (Hopefully poorly drawn graphics will illustrate the use. I never claimed to be an artist, and I knew there was no way in hell my guy would model for these pictures; I didn't even ask.)
Another similar constriction device (above) made with a soft stretchy ponytail holder, with cotton cord replacing the inner elastic, and secured with a plastic cord stopper.